About Us

TVP Games

TVP Games is the modern brand that designs games and puzzles for adults and children to discover the world. Our bold and creative games turn adults and children into global explorers and cultural discoverers. We are building the world’s most diverse community of people who explore the world through play.

Our newest line of games (Fill in the Map) is a large colorful puzzle that allows kids (and kids at heart) discover the beautiful continent of Africa. The JUMBO map is 3ft x 3ft, has 48 large pieces, and features 55 African countries, capital cities, flags and the surrounding oceans.

Fill in the Map Game

Fill in the Map (AFRICA) is the first in a line of puzzles for NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA, EUROPE, ASIA, OCEANIA, CANADA, the USA and lots more. You can order as many copies for as many kids as you love. For schools, for homes, or for play stations around the world. Let's get all the kids discovering!

Our flagship game - Fill in the Black - is the fun guessing game that celebrates black people, places and cultures. Just like your favorite charades games, grab your friends and see whether you can describe the BOLD word on the card without using the forbidden words on the card. You can order this game now with FREE SHIPPING in the US, UK, Canada and Nigeria.

If you have questions or you'd like to tell us something, please send an email to games@tvpgames.com. We love your messages!