5 Best Games that Every Black Person Should Own in 2021

Games for Black People

Games are a popular way for people to learn without feeling like they are in a classroom. In fact, studies show that games significantly increase learning. So, are there games that are specifically targeted towards black people or towards content that is relevant to black people? 

Black people around the world are so diverse and this reflects in the things that interest us. In fact, just as it is impossible to describe one way to be black, it is also difficult to describe one thing that will be of interest to all black people. However, we have checked all over the world and found 5 games that every black person should own. 

A list of 5 games that every black person should play:

Fill in the Black


  1. Fill in the Black - This is a fun guessing game that celebrates black cultures, people, history and icons from around the world! The upsell of this game is that it does not concentrate on only one black culture, instead, it references words from Black America, Black Britain, Nigeria, Kenya, the Caribbean and may more black contexts. Gather families, friends, parties, work groups or strangers and try to describe the BLACK word on the card without using any of the forbidden words. If you enjoy Charades, Taboo or Heads Up, you will enjoy seeing familiar people, places and cultural references in this game. Order the game here in the US, UK, Canada and Nigeria with FREE SHIPPING.

  2. Black Card Revoked - This fun games asks questions that every black person should be able to answer, and then gives you points when you get them correctly. If you miss the answers, maybe you should have your 'Black Card' revoked. Questions include: "Which hot sauce is the only one worth using? and What's one event that we always show out for?" The game will be a hilarious addition to your game night. Order the game here on Amazon.

  3. Monopoly - Wealth and financial knowledge is key to the culture! Even though Monopoly is not specifically focused on black culture, it is a board game that teaches basic principles about money and business. In the game, players roll two dice to move their icons around the game board, buying and selling properties, and building houses or hotels on those properties. When opponents land on your property, players collect rent proportional to the value of the property. The game also has versions built based on real cities around the world. Get the game on Amazon here.

  4. Culture Tags - Think you know the culture? Let's find out. #CultureTags™ is a spirited game that puts your culture knowledge to the test. When you pick a card, you must show your team the #culturetag (acronym) and try to describe the words to them. Who can stand the test of a ticking timer? Get the game here.  

  5. Scrabble - What's better than a fun game to help improve vocabulary? This one is as old as time. According to Scrabble, the word game allows players score points by placing tiles, each bearing a single letter, onto a game board divided into a 15×15 grid of squares." Each word must be a grammatically correct word and many players have cited improved vocabulary, thanks to Scrabble. Order the game here.

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