Best Fun Games & Puzzles For Families to Play This Holiday

Best Fun Games & Puzzles For Families to Play This Holiday

It is hard to believe, but the holiday season is upon us. Christmas is just a few weeks away!  Christmas music will fill the air, decorations, and lights, a whirlwind of attending holiday parties, bingeing on Christmas movies, desserts, decorating our homes, and finding the perfect gifts for friends and family as we start to prepare for the end of the year 2021.

Best Fun Games and Puzzles For Families

The holiday season brings splendid opportunities to bond together as a family over a new game or puzzle. Let's explore some of the best fun games and puzzles you and your family can play this holiday, and with so many to choose from, you're sure to find a game to add to your family holiday tradition.

1. Fill in the Black:

Fill in the Black is a hilarious guessing game that celebrates blackness and is perfect for spicing up your holidays. It is ideal for families, adults, children, and workgroups. Nothing beats playing the Fill in the Black game, getting to learn new things, sharing our black stories, culture, and joy with the people who single-handedly deal with your stress, obsession, and life stories on a day-to-day basis. #blessed

Each game box features a manual and 300 cards. Each card has a BOLD word and five forbidden words. Players are challenged to describe the BOLD word to their teammates without using any of the forbidden words. The forbidden words are the most obvious words connected with the BOLD word, so players have to get creative with describing the word to their teams. It is fun, exciting and loud!

The game is available all over the world. You can get it here for 20,000 Nigerian Naira. If you live in the US, UK, or Canada, the game is also available for $35.00.

Fill in the Black

2. Fill in the Map: 

Fill in the Map (AFRICA) is a large kids puzzle that helps kids learn and discover the continent of Africa. The African themed puzzle lets kids explore the thrills of travelling through Africa puzzle piece by piece as they bond with their family.

I know I said Fill in the map Africa is a kids game, but adults can also play it. Whether you're hosting an office party for your co-workers, a small family gathering, or a youth group event at church this holiday, there are plenty of enjoyable options for both children and adults to play the Fill in the Map Africa game.

The JUMBO map is 2.5f x 2.5ft and contains 55 African countries, capital cities, flags and the surrounding oceans. 

You can order here. It is available with FREE DELIVERY in the US, UK, Nigeria and Canada.

Fill In the Map

3. Scavenger Hunt:

Instead of sitting around the TV gisting after dinner or while waiting for thanksgiving turkey to come up to temperature, embark on a Christmas holiday-themed scavenger hunt.  The beauty of a scavenger hunt is that you don’t need a lot of supplies to have a really fun and festive time! Just arrange a couple of items around the house and have your family members find them. You can download a printable copy here.

4. Christmas Limbo

This game is a super fun holiday game for all ages.  A game of limbo is about how low you can go? 

You will need a Christmas scarf or use a string of Christmas lights to replace your limbo stick. You will need two players to hold the lights off the ground. For even more of a challenge, tuck a balloon in your shirts for “Santa bellies”, add a hat, beard, shoes and music to make this party game more festive.

For the first round, everyone playing should line up behind the lights and wait for their turn. The light or scarf should be high enough to make it pretty easy for everyone playing to pass under it without getting disqualified. The players will need to bend their body backwards, lowering it to fit entirely under the lights without touching the lights. Players will be disqualified if they touch the floor with their hands or the light.  When the player is finished, they go to the back of the line and wait for another turn. Usually, when all players have gone through, the light is lowered a few inches for the next round for those left in the game.

5. Christmas Movie Bingo Game:

I can't deny my love for cheesy, predictable, and sometimes unrealistic Christmas movies! They always have a happy ending. This holiday season, Turn your Christmas movie marathon into a more family collaborative activity and ensure everyone's paying attention to the action.

Pop some popcorn, bake up some cupcakes, and make some hot chocolate for a Christmas movie night!  Print off some copies of our Christmas Movie Bingo game to get the whole family involved in the fun here.

When you recognize something from your bingo board happening on TV, mark that box with a button. First-person to complete an entire row wins.

6. Name That Christmas Carol

One of my favourite family holiday traditions is playing Name That Christmas Carol.

The tradition started with my siblings before I was born and it’s been going on for as long as I can remember. 

 This game is fun for anyone who loves music but may not be able to sing (even in doo form)! Compile a list of lyrics (from obvious or lesser-known) from Christmas songs and see who can guess popular Christmas songs in less than a minute. Also,  instead of lyrics, you can hum a portion of the tune for your team to guess. 

7. Holiday Share-a-Story

Collaborative storytelling is a creative way to get friends and family talking. Have one person start a holiday-themed story with a single sentence, then go around the room with each person adding another one. Your turn ends when your sentence does. Try to craft the most original, exciting Christmas story you can.

8. What's in the socks guessing game

Here's the gist: Make your family guess what's inside each yuletide sock and award each winner a special prize. The best part—you can put this inexpensive idea together in just a few minutes with items you already own.

9. Reindeer Balloon Antlers: 

This game is creative and hilarious. All you need is a pair of pantyhose, balloons and music. Divide your family into teams of 3-4. Give each team ten balloons (5 for each leg of the pantyhose). Set the timer; On your mark, the teams will inflate their balloons and stuff them into the legs of the pantyhose. Then, when they've finished, have a team member put the pantyhose on their head and wear them like a hat of antlers. Then, while wearing the hat, they must sing the first verse of "Feliz Navidad". The team with the highest antlers win. Make sure you take plenty of photos and a video!

The holiday season does not have to be boring. Make this holiday unforgettable by creating lifelong memories playing these puzzles, games and activities. Shake things up this year and play some puzzles, bond, laugh, create new traditions. Trust me; it will be the best holiday you and your family have ever had!

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